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Join us going to the roots of Jazz and share our vision, experiences and music with the world!

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We’re Aylin and the Lucky Charms, a pop-jazz band based in Bucharest, Romania. We got our start in 2012 when we decided to formed our group. We did it because we’re huge fans of jazz music to which we like to add a personal touch of contemporary pop influences. We’ve been performing a lot. Even though pop-jazz is still considered niche in Romania, we have a solid group of supporters and fans who seem to enjoy what we do.

We want to go to the roots of jazz.

But we want to take it further than that. We want to put our music out there, and have it reach beyond the borders of Romania. We want to go and perform in the places where this whole jazz thing started and where it keeps reinventing itself, over and over again. We want to go to the roots of jazz.

Come fall 2015, we want to go on a US concert tour in all the big cities jazz left its mark.


A&TLC 2014


This is our message for you!

Why do we do this?

 You can`t really enjoy something, unless you share it with someone.

That`s why we want to share our passion for music with people around US and not only! Why USA? Because that`s where something that fundamentally influences our work was born: Jazz music. We want to go to the roots of Jazz and share our vision, experiences and music with the world!


Why do we do this?

The answer is simple:
For those who want to see how the past meets the present, through music.
For those who like music, especially Jazz

However, we cannot do this without you help... We need you!

The Documentary

We want to film this whole experience and turn it into a documentary. We want to go on the road, visit and perform in all the important places touched by jazz, meanwhile documenting each step of our way so we can share it with you and others like you.

Because it is time we discovered together a new side of the musical story, the one that has us in it!

What people say

About Aylin & The Lucky Charms

Cosmin Tudoran

Cosmin Tudoran

“Aylin’s the kind of person that, if you are lucky enough to meet, you realize that it’s one of those people that you need to see again. This energy strikes you from the first encounter. She’s warm, cheerful. Kind. Genuine, dedicated, true.”

Alexandra Stan

Alexandra Stan

“A beautiful pop-jazz project that i love! Aylin is a contagiously vivid person and I love her energy on the stage either as a singer or an actress!”

Florin Grozea

Florin Grozea

“O voce sublimă, o actriță talentată, un artist complet – Aylin Cadîr!”

Mihaela Rădulescu

Mihaela Rădulescu

“I just love them! Love love love! Beautiful music!”

Virgil Stanescu

Virgil Stănescu

“Excellent jazz! Excellent music!!!!”

Horatiu Malaele

Horațiu Mălăele


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Where can you find us?

+40 722607468